FAQ Son-Kul Lake

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When the camp is open?
The camp is open from June 4 to September 28.

What is the weather like at Son-Kul Lake?
In Kyrgyzstan, we can observe a sharply continental climate, which means a periodic sharp change in temperature. Moreover, in the mountains the temperature is always lower than in the lower valleys. Being on the lake, you can see all the seasons within a day.

Winter in the lake is cold and very snowy. Precipitation is high. 200 days a year, snow lies on the territory and it becomes impossible to get to the lake, since all roads that lead to it are closed. Unlike Lake Issyk Kul, Son-Kul is covered with ice in winter. Summer seems warm and pleasant. You can swim, but the water temperature is quite low - from 3.5-5 ° C to + 11 ° C. Be sure to bring warm, waterproof items along with sunscreen and glasses.

How to get to the lake?
The road to the lake is only available in the summer months. In winter and in the off-season, mountain passes are covered with snow and impassable for any transport. With a bit of luck you can drive there in winter by well-prepared 4X4 cars.

In order to get to the lake you need to rent the transport offered by the company, or to drive 5 hours on your own car. 

The lake is located in the Naryn region. There are 4 main passes leading to the lake: Kalmak-Ashuu, Moldo-Ashuu, Teskey Torpok (33 parrots) and Kara-Keche. Each of them is insanely beautiful and reveals a completely different landscape from each other.

Our camp is easy to find - if you are coming from Kochkor or Teskey Torpok (33 parrots), you will see a red sign “Nomad’s Dream”. Cross the bridge and turn to the lake in front of the next bridge. There is only one road through the hill. If you are traveling with Moldo Ashu, then turn right for 10 minutes and see our sign on the left. 

Where does the garbage and drains go?
We envisaged this issue and revealed that it is very necessary for us to preserve the nature of Kyrgyzstan. Therefore, VIP showers and toilets are installed in accordance with all the rules. Tourists will find that their stay on the lake will not damage the environment.

For toilets and showers, a three-level separate septic tank is installed. For the treatment of toilet waste, special bacteria are used to turn everything into peat and subsequently suitable water for irrigation. Water from shower cabins is collected in a special tank, a hatch for pumping water; further the sewage machine takes out this water. 

Garbage is collected in special tanks. Once in every three days, our transport leaves for Naryn, takes out the garbage, buys fresh products and sends the laundry.

Yurts and the entire camp are equipped with electricity. At night, the lights are turned off. Solar panels work in daytime, and generators produce electricity in the evening.

Internet, mobile connection
There is no mobile communication on the territory of Son-Kul Lake. The camp has a satellite phone. In case of emergency you can use it.

Is it possible to swim in the lake?
Son-Kul is a mountain lake of the Tien Shan. The water temperature in summer does not exceed + 12 ° C. Of course, this is far from warm water, but quite acceptable for a short swim for lovers of cool water.

Are there any health restrictions?
Staying in conditions of high altitude air does not suit certain categories of people for medical reasons.

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What to bring with you?
Since the temperature in the highlands is sharply continental, and in one day you can experience all four seasons, you will need warm, non-blown things, as well as summer T-shirts, sunscreen and glasses. If you travel on your own, you will need a satellite navigator in  order not to get lost on the passes and trails.

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